Credible Spokespeople build credible reputations. But who and what’s credible? Based on data, research and insight LMI helps you to work that out. Perceptions of empathy, expertise, commitment and candor are essential to delivering thoughtful, credible messages that build trust, even under the glare of media or public scrutiny.


LMI is a national management communications consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada providing Crisis Preparation, Media Training, Communications and Reputation Strategy, Speaker Preparation and TV Production.

Jon Lovink is LMI principal counsel and trainer. A former TV News Executive, who has an award winning communications consultant, he’s given close to 1000 seminars across North America that are often described as the most worthwhile on-the-job training ever received.

    • Media Training

      The primary goal of the LMI’s CREDible Spokesperson Training Program is to build skill and confidence in the ability to present key messages effectively under public and media scrutiny.

    • Media Services

      • Individual Media Coaching – 2 to 4 hours
      • Group Media Training – 7 hours
      • Message Development and Media Training Proofing – Varies
      • Refresher Workshops – 3 – 4 hours
    • Crisis Response

      Speed in responding to a crisis is more essential than ever and effective responses are often counter intuitive. Making it up as you go can be a recipe for disaster and in an instant lose you all the goodwill you’ve built as an organization.

    • Crisis Services

      • Crisis Communications Planning
      • Crisis Training: Individual and Group workshops – 7 hours
      • 24/7 On Call Crisis Service
      • Instant TV News Service for Emergency Response Drills
    • Strategy

      Trust and credibility are the foundation of reputation and central to social license. Reputation is at stake whenever company employees engage in a conversation with stakeholders and thus impact social license.

    • Strategy Services

      • Message development
      • Quotes and Sound Bites<l/i>
      • Non-verbal Presentation Skills
      • Presentation Tools
    • Video

      LMI special additional offer is it’s extensive TV News and documentary production experience. The advent of YouTube makes it more essential than ever that spokespeople are aware of their non-verbal presentation.