Credible Spokespeople build credible reputations. But who and what’s credible? Based on data, research and insight LMI helps you to work that out. Perceptions of empathy, expertise, commitment and candor are essential to delivering thoughtful, credible messages that build trust, even under the glare of media or public scrutiny.


The evolution of news from text to visual is almost complete. Print reporters use video cameras. Corporations use YouTube for news releases. Now, how you say it is as important as what you say.

LMI special additional offer is it’s extensive TV News and documentary production experience. The advent of YouTube makes it more essential than ever that spokespeople are aware of their non-verbal presentation. Video is a powerful tool that is best at capturing human emotion. At LMI we provide extensive on camera training building upon our years real Network TV News experience. We a provide an Instant TV News Story service (link to crisis section) using experienced TV reporters so that same day post mortems can instantly see how the Drill would have played out on the evening news. And we provide the best in Video Production services to document our clients approaches to Safety and the Environment.